Book Fairies share Simon James Green's novel You're The One That I Want as part of Pride at a diner

You’re The One That I Want! The Book Fairies share Simon James Green’s new novel

Will you find the book that you want? This funny, romantic and exciting new paperback has hit the streets around the UK thanks to The Book Fairies!

The Book Fairies continued their ‘Book Fairies With Pride’ celebrations with the novel You’re The One That I Want today! We found some great locations for the book to wait for a new reader.

About the book:

According to the rule, Freddie has to say “yes”. Freddie is unremarkable – too unremarkable. He doesn’t stand out in any way, and in fact teachers and fellow students keep forgetting who he is. Even his mum thinks he’s a disappointment, and spends almost all her time at work, producing a TV show.

After a particularly awful night when he embarrasses himself in front of Jasper Perry (the gorgeous teen star of his mum’s new show), Freddie decides to follow a new, proactive philosophy designed to transform his social and romantic life: saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity. It works! Freddie finds himself auditioning for the school musical (Grease), actually going to parties, and flirting with hot new boy Zach! He’s becoming a whole new Freddie – maybe even one that his mum might be proud of. But the path to love is never smooth, and sometimes getting things very wrong is an important part of figuring out what – and who – you really want.

An hilarious, heart-pulling read from one of the UK’s leading writers of LGBTQ+ teen fiction. Simon James Green is the award-winning author of Heartbreak Boys, Alex in Wonderland, and the Noah Can’t Even books. A perfect next read for fans of Heartstopper, Boyfriend Material, Casey McQuiston, and Adam Silvera.

“The Book Fairies campaign exceeded all my expectations. Social media has been flooded with wonderful images of the book being left in all sorts of fab and interesting locations, the length and breadth of the UK. There’s been great engagement with the posts, and a real sense of buzz. This is a team of highly dedicated book-loving fairies who really go the extra mile – with pride, and with love. You’re all awesome – thank you!”

Simon James Green, author of You’re The One That I Want

Lucky finder!

We love hearing from finders of our books! We got lots of private messages yesterday and this is one of our favourite ‘book found’ posts!

Not lucky enough to find a book?

Do not worry, this book is OUT NOW and in book shops! Just ask them where this treat is hiding in the shop – and if they’re sold out, you can always ask them to order it in – it will often come the very next day (and then you have an excuse to go to a bookshop… twice!). If you’d rather order online, here is You’re The One That I Want on and also Hive. These websites support indie book shops 🙂

Would you like to be a book fairy?

We would love for you to join The Book Fairies! All you need is official book fairy stickers, a pile of great books and the desire to share some joy and happiness!

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