Lily and the Wipe Monster joins The Book Fairies in a hedge

Lily and the Wipe Monster joins our Green Book Fairies activities!

This little book is designed to help children to think about the effects of plastic pollution – in a fun way with a stinky monster!

Our UK fairies were delighted to include Lily and the Wipe Monster in our Green Book Fairies month, which coincides with Plastic Free July.

Book fairies around the UK found playgrounds, zero waste shops, nature walks and more at which to leave this little green gem! We hope that the lucky little finders enjoy their new read. We think it’s a very special story!

About the book:

Lily is a smart, caring girl who always tries to do the right thing. So when she finds out her family has been flushing plastic wipes down the loo for years, she embarks on a mission to make things right. With a little help from a very large and very stinky new friend…

This book was created and funded by Pura. They believe high-quality, eco-friendly wipes and nappies should be available for all. Because a clean bottom shouldn’t be at the cost of a dirty planet.

Books found!

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Not lucky enough to find a copy?

Do not worry! There is a wonderful reading on instagram here and you can also receive a copy with an order from MyPura.

About MyPura:

pura babies

We put babies first, with anti-allergy, organic ingredients and sustainable, biodegradable materials. So you’re protecting their skin and protecting their future too.

pura planet

We believe being eco-friendly is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. And that we should all be able to look after our planet, simply by looking after our families.

pura for all

We’re here to empower everyone to protect the future of the planet today, with eco-friendly products that are affordable and accessible for all.

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