Curse of the Dearmad by debut author Emma Mylrea is shared by The Book Fairies in England

Emma Mylrea’s debut Curse of the Dearmad makes its way around the UK with The Book Fairies!

Book fairies in the UK found watery places at which to share these beautiful books!

About the book:

Living in the ordinary world is anything but ordinary for twins Percy and Nell Shearwater.

After all, Percy is not like most eleven-year-old boys.

Most eleven-year-old boys don’t have gills. When the grip of death tightens its hold on the twins’ mother, Percy resolves to do whatever it takes to find a cure.

But what if that means embarking on a secret and treacherous journey through uncharted waters, to the island of Doona… an island which some say doesn’t even exist? While Percy confronts the perils of the sea to save his dying mother, Nell will need to rely on her own mysterious gift if she is to have any chance of seeing her brother again.

There’s just one thing that lies in her way: the Curse of Dearmad…

A note from the author!

Thank you so much to The Book Fairies for sprinkling the UK with Dearmad. It was gorgeous seeing pictures of my book in the wild! I hope they will find their way into the hands of young readers to enjoy and pass on”

– Emma Mylrea, author of Curse of the Dearmad

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