LEGOCity books hidden by book fairies at LEGO locations in a pile of LEGO

LEGO and The Book Fairies share some joy at LEGO centres around the UK!

Book fairies shared copies of LEGOCity books around LEGO shops, Discovery Centres and LEGOLAND Windsor itself!

The Book Fairies celebrated the new books LEGO City: Fire Station and LEGO City: Building Site by sharing copies at LEGO locations all around the UK today! We encouraged finders to bring LEGO City to life…

Bring LEGO City to life…

1) unwrap the ribbon, 2) open the book, 3) push, pull and slide all the moving parts, 4) enjoy the story as many times as you like, 5) wrap the book back up, 6) leave somewhere else for another child to find!

About the books:

Push, pull and slide the moving mechanisms in these brilliant board books to bring the LEGO Fire Station and LEGO Building Site to life!

LEGO Fire Station:The Fire Chief and her crew need your help! Push and pull the tabs in each scene – open the fire station doors, make the helicopter take off and then slide the scene-changing mechanism to drive off in the fire engine – all in a day’s work!

LEGO Building Site: The LEGO builders need your help! Push and pull the tabs in each scene – tip your bricks out of the dumper, lift them up and put them down with your crane and then slide the scene-changing mechanism to see what you have built – all in a day’s work!

Having fun in LEGOLAND Windsor!

The Book Fairies visited LEGOLAND Windsor and had a great time finding locations at which to leave the books! Do you recognise any of these spots in Miniland? There are LEGO models of famous sites from around the globe – it’s incredible! The fairies were so lucky to have sunshine and to see books being picked up really quickly.

Exploring LEGO locations in the UK!

Some book fairies headed to LEGO Discovery Centres in Birmingham and Manchester to find great places at which to leave copies of LEGO City Building Site and LEGO City Fire Station! There were so many LEGO figures to choose from and happy little finders everywhere!

Happy happy LEGO finders!

We LOVE hearing from people who find the books – and it’s especially magical when those finders are children! What a lovely treat for them to find today.

Not lucky enough to find one?

Do not worry! You can find these incredible little books in all good book shops (and you can ask them to order them in, too!). Alternatively, you can find LEGO City Building Site on and LEGO City Fire Station on – to support indie book shops in a different way!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join in and share the magic! All you need is a set of official book fairy stickers and some books you want to share! Click here to get started!

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