The Book Fairies and Red Door Press share some great reads around Brighton and beyond!

Book fairies in Brighton and other parts of the UK shared a selection of titles from independent publishers Red Door Books!

The Book Fairies of the UK had a great day hiding so many titles from Red Door Press, an independent publisher based near Brighton!

Books found!

Book fairies love nothing more than to hear from people who find books! Here is a selection of posts from today!

About Red Door Press:

RedDoor Press is the UK’s leading hybrid publisher.

We’re not a traditional publisher. We love traditional publishers – it’s our background – but things are hard for them. They have always been selective in who they will take on, but in today’s environment they can afford to take fewer and fewer risks commercially or artistically.

We’re not a self-publishing service. Self-publishing services perform a great role: they allow anybody to get in print, and they give the author complete control over their finished book, to market as they please. But however excellent a book might be, it’s much harder to make it stand out when it’s published alongside anything and everything.

What we are is a hybrid of the two models. RedDoor operates exactly as a traditional publisher in that we market, sell and represent subsidiary rights on a curated list of top-drawer titles. We have a small roster of authors we believe in, and are extremely selective about who we take on.

You can order any Red Door Press title directly from their website!

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