A Field Guide to Leaflings hidden by book fairies - tree

A Field Guide to Leaflings gifted to lucky finders by The Book Fairies!

What an exciting present for someone to find… in a tree or bush…!

There is a secret world, an ancient world, a world populated with the most magnificent giants and curious creatures – some so small they could pass through the eye of a needle…

Welcome to A Field Guide to Leaflings, the secret guardians of the trees! The Book Fairies were delighted celebrate the release of this essential field guide. Keep looking up in the trees for your chance to spot a copy of this very special book 🙂

About the book:

Among the branches and roots of some of our planet’s most important inhabitants, live the leaflings. These tiny creatures protect trees and help manage their interactions, their cycles and tell their stories. In A Field Guide to Leaflings, meet leaflings from all over the world and the trees they live with.

Travel from an ancient holly tree in Ireland, to a cherry blossom in Japan, and climb to the highest branches of a giant redwood in California. The leaflings will show you how trees breathe, make food, support many forms of life and what they mean to people all around the world.

Lucky finders!

We love nothing better than hearing from people who find the books we hide! Here are a few of the photos we were sent by happy finders today! We hope that each and every finder enjoys exploring the world of Leaflings and that they find a suitable tree or bush in which to hide it for the next reader!

Not lucky enough to find one?

Do not worry! This adorable little book is available in bookshops now. If you cannot make it to your local, then you can order your copy of A Field Guide to Leaflings from Bookshop.org and still support independent bookshops all over the UK!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

We would love for you to join us! All you need are some official book fairy stickers, a pile of books you want to share (pre-loved is MORE than ok!!) and the desire to spread some joy where you live / work / travel!

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