The Book Fairies shared books about mental health with Quarto Books - log

Unwind Your Mind with these books hidden by book fairies…

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open and Hi, Cacti were both hidden up and down the UK today!

The Book Fairies enjoyed sharing copies of these wonderful books in places such as London’s ‘silicon city’ and green spaces in cities up and down the UK!

We have been encouraging a healthier mindset by hiding copies of two incredible books around the UK – we hope the lucky finders enjoy taking a break from things and diving into their new reads.

About Hi Cacti:

This go-to-guide introduces you to 20 easy-to-love houseplants. Perfect for budding beginners and rooted in a journey of self awareness, learn through mindful moments of watering, feeding, and simply appreciating our plants, how to befriend our leafy buddies, and ourselves too!

Vibrant, lively, and no nonsense, this is a unique self care guide for you and your plants to grow together!

About My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open:

The collision of our online and offline worlds has left us more dependent on technology than ever before, and even more desperate to log off. My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open is your key to finding digital balance and addressing strange new social norms.

Complete with diagnostic guides to tell-tale signs and a manifesto for improved digital citizenship, this habit-improving bible offers the conversation-starting vocabulary we so desperately need to understand and untangle our relationship with technology for a more humane world.

Lucky finders!

We love hearing from happy finders! Here are just a few of the people who got in touch after finding a book from a book fairy today.

Not lucky enough to find one?

Don’t worry, these are available or can be ordered into your local bookshop. Can’t get to the shops? Find My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open on and still support indie booksellers up and down the UK. Also here is Hi, Cacti on!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join and share books they love! All you need are some official book fairy stickers – here are some options below!

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