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The Twins by L. V. Matthews was hidden by book fairies!

All around the UK, book fairies left behind copies of The Twins for lucky finders!

L.V. Matthews’ The Twins could be the most addictive and gripping psychological thriller you’ll read this year… so will you find a copy hidden by a book fairy today?

About the book:

This is the Richard & Judy Book Club pick for Spring 2022!

Two sisters. An intense bond. A bitter rivalry.

Margo is a solitary live-in nanny for an upper-class Kensingon family. Cora is a promiscuous dancer on the cusp of a big break, living hand-to-mouth in a run-down London flat.

Different though they are, an unspeakable incident from childhood haunts them both. When the terrible secret comes to light, their fragile existences shatter, pitting them against each other in a race for survival.

But can there be a winner when a secret is so dark?

Not lucky enough to find one?

Do not worry! This thrilling read is available in all good book shops!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

We would love for you to join us! Just order your official stickers here and start hiding books where you live and work!

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