The Book Fairies Turn 5: Meet the Fairies – Lauren

Here we chat to Lauren in Pittsburgh PA, who has been a book fairy for almost five years!


It’s time for Meet The Fairy! As part of #BookFairiesTurn5 we have been chatting to fairies around the world. Here is Lauren’s mini interview ☺️

How did you hear about The Book Fairies?

One of my best friends became the Official fairy for Pennsylvania early on and she invited me to join her for some book drops!

When did you get involved as a book fairy?

I did my first book drop in June 2017 and was hooked. I was invited to share in managing the accounts for Pennsylvania in late 2019 when the chief book fairy was in Pittsburgh for a visit and surprised me with the invitation!

What’s the best thing about being a book fairy?

It’s almost hard to describe how magical it feels to spread kindness through hiding books and to know I’ve got so many friends around the world doing the same! I love being a part of this international community who share my love of books and spreading happiness wherever we can.

Some of Lauren’s lovely book drops:

What is the favourite book fairy activity you’ve been involved in and why?

Hiding Olive by Emma Gannon in the Spring of 2021 was my favorite campaign. I had hidden a few books throughout the pandemic but that was the first one that I could tell all the US fairies got excited about and we had a blast sharing beautiful pictures with each other during the day of all the great hiding spots we found! The weather was perfect and I even got a sweet message from a book finder that she had been wanting to read Olive and was so glad to have found a copy!

Do you have any tips/ advice for anyone wanting to become a book fairy?

Bring a friend! Book fairy business is most fun if you can be discreet which can feel a bit awkward on your own. Having a friend to take pictures while you hide, or stand nonchalantly with you as you wait for passersby to move along makes it even more fun!

Which book do you always recommend as a book fairy?

The Artificial Silk Girl by Irmgard Keun.

Thanks, Lauren for your lovely answers!

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Become a book fairy!

Anyone, anywhere, can join in to hide books! All you need are some official stickers 🙂

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