The Book Fairies Turn 5: Meet the Fairies – Szewei

In this post we meet Szewei, a book fairy in Singapore!

As part of our fifth birthday celebrations, we are celebrating some incredible fairies around the world! Here is our mini interview with Szewei in Singapore – please scroll down for the Chinese translation.

Meet Szewei, a book fairy in Singapore!

How did you hear of the book fairies?

I decided to set up free book exchange library ( Clementi Ridges Library) at my lift landing in early March 2021. A book lover myself, I just wish to share the joy of reading with others. One day not long after a book fairy left some books at my library.

When did you get involved as a book fairy yourself? 

After I found the books left by The Book Fairies Singapore, I quickly connected with them. Much inspired by the book fairies and the idea of leaving books at public places for anyone to pick up I decided to join in the fun by levelling up from a bookworm to a book fairy.

What’s the best thing about being a book fairy? 

My parents were not well to do when I was young and could not afford many books. But I was so fortunate my aunt, (she is the first book fairy in my life) who worked in a printing factory, always brought me all sorts of books to read ( most are rejected books due to slight printing or packaging errors). I was a voracious reader and could not wait for her to visit us so I could read more books. I was indeed very fortunate and grateful to be introduced to the magic of books. It is my dream to share the magic and joy of reading with others just like what my aunt did for me.

What is your favourite book fairy activity so far?

The Book Fairy Treasure Hunt. We hid 5 books in the neighbourhood for the kids. I got them to dress up as pirates and solve 5 riddles for clues to the book locations. It was such a blast!

Do you have any tips or advice for anyone wanting to be a book fairy?

My message to people who wish to start book fairying, don’t wait. Just start. Plan your booklist and order some stickers now.

Which book do you recommend?

This is such a difficult question for a book lover. If you forced me for an answer now, I would say “The Color Purple” and “ Wide Sargasso Sea”

Chinese Translation








 书精灵寻宝活动。我在邻里藏了 5 本书。然后,我叫附近邻居的孩子们装扮成海盗,并给他们 5 个谜语猜。他们解答谜语后,可以寻找书本的位置。有趣极了!





Some pics from Szewei’s book fairy birthday celebrations:

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