The Book Fairies Turn Five: Meet The Fairies – Carys

As part of our birthday celebrations, we are sharing stories from book fairies all around the world! Here is Carys from Cornwall UK 🙂

How did you hear about the Book Fairies?

Emma Watson dropped books for International Women’s Day in 2017, which I saw on Instagram and knew I just had to be a part of this magic!

When did you get involved as a Book Fairy?

I became a Book Fairy towards the end of April 2017 and my first big campaign was Indie Author Day in May 2017.

What’s the best thing about being a Book Fairy?

The book recommendations are incredible but the community of book fairies is the most wonderful thing in the world. Also having people contact who have found a book you’ve hidden and say what a positive effect their found book had… that’s just magical.

What is the favourite Book Fairy activity you’ve been involved in and why?

“What the ladybird heard on holiday”, because I went to the local hospital and hid the books around the children’s play area. They were finding them seconds later and seeing the joy was the most wonderful day!

Do you have any tips/ advice for anyone wanting to become a Book Fairy?

Prepare yourself to become book obsessed! And the feeling you’ll get when you hear from your first book finder is magic.

Which book do you always recommend as a Book Fairy?

One?!? One?!? Let’s go with ‘Cold sunflowers’ by Mark Sippings. It’s one of those books that makes you realise the smaller important things in life!

Thank you to Carys for sharing! You may or may not know that Carys also runs our ‘Read with the Book Fairies’ activity and you can hear some incredible books read by fairies over on YouTube!

Has this made you want to be a book fairy?

Get started by ordering your goodies!

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