Wind in the Willows hidden by book fairies - flowers

A new edition of The Wind in the Willows is celebrated by The Book Fairies

“Mole decided to venture out to meet Badger. After all, he had heard SO MANY stories about him…”

In traditional book fairy style, this classic popped up all around the UK today!

The Book Fairies are celebrating a reimagined classic today in the form of The Wind in the Willows! Who will be lucky enough to meet Mole, Ratty, Badger and Toad? Watch out for those pesky stoats!

About the book:

The classic story, reimagined as a fully illustrated, beautiful picture book, perfect to share with a new generation.

“I am Toad of Toad Hall. Motor car-snatching, prison-breaking Toad!”

Enter the mischievous world of Toad of Toad Hall, and join Moly and Ratty on their riverside adventures. When Moly gets lost in the Wild Wood, Ratty and kind old Badger are there to rescue him. But when Mr Toad is sent to prison and his beloved Toad Hall is taken over by stoats and weasels, will his friends be able to save the day?

A story of friendship and making amends, this classic children’s book is one of the most famous animal stories of all time. Now beautifully abridged, fully illustrated and retold for a younger, modern audience, this edition will delight children from age 5 years and above.

Lucky finders!

We love hearing from those who find the treats we hide! Here are a few from today 🙂

Not lucky enough to find one?

This wonderful reimagining of Wind in the Willows can be found at all good book shops! If you prefer to buy online, you can still support bookshops by ordering your copy at

Would you like to be a book fairy?

We would love for you to join us! Just grab some stickers and stick them to the front of any pre-loved books you have – and hide them in plain sight!

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