The Book Fairies of Ireland share copies of What Eden Did Next to mark a special event

What Eden Did Next is the 30th book by author Sheila O’Flanagan and book fairies celebrated by leaving copies around Ireland!

“Eden had dealt with many difficult people since she’d begun working with the agency, and equally difficult patients when she was nursing, but she found it hard to empathise with Phyllis Bowyer…”

The Book Fairies of Ireland have been celebrating Sheila O’Flanagan today by sharing copies of her THIRTIETH book: What Eden Did Next! 

About the book:

Five years after the death of her firefighter husband, Eden knows better than anyone that life can change in an instant. Now, instead of the future she had planned with Andy, she has Lila – the daughter he never got the chance to meet. And instead of Andy, she has his family.

Then Eden meets someone. Someone she knew before Andy, before Lila, before the tragedy. Someone who reminds her of how she used to be. But Andy’s mother has other plans. And Eden is facing an impossible choice. One that could tear a family apart…

Honest and emotionally gripping, What Eden Did Next is an irresistible, sometimes heart-breaking, ultimately joyful, novel of love, loss – and finding your own way to happiness.

Lucky finders!

We love hearing from those people who find our books – here are a few happy finders of What Eden Did Next!

Not lucky enough to find a copy?

What Eden Did Next and many other Sheila O’Flanagan novels are available at good bookshops around the world! If you’d rather order online, you can still support independent bookshops by using

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