Airside by James Swallow shared by book fairies - Edinburgh Airport

Airside by James Swallow is shared by The Book Fairies!

“It was more money in one single place than Kevin had ever seen in his life.”

If you saw a book with no owner… what would YOU do? Book finders today face the same dilemma as the protagonist of the novel we are hiding – Airside by James Swallow… Will you be lucky enough to spot a copy?

About the book:

Two million in cash. Nowhere to run. Nothing left to lose. Would you risk it?

Today is the worst day of your life.

The deal you risked it all for has fallen apart at the last minute.

You’re stranded at a remote airport as a storm rages outside.

Then you discover an unattended bag. Inside is two million euros in cash.


Lucky finders!

Not lucky enough to spot one?

The novel Airside by James Swallow is available in all good book shops – and if they don’t have a copy, you can ask them to order it in, which usually comes the very next day! If you’d rather order online you can still support book shops by getting your copy of Airside from 🙂

Join us as a book fairy!

You don’t need a constant stash of brand new books in order to become a book fairy – all book fairies start the same way, by ordering their official book fairy stickers and hiding some of the books they’ve read!

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