Emily Kenny becomes a Book Fairy for a Day with her new middle-grade novel!

The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks was hidden by book fairies today – including the author herself.

“Alice Tonks was having the worst day ever.”

Strap in for an adventure! The Book Fairies have been celebrating Emily Kenny’s new book The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks!

“It’s not your chips I’m after, Alice Tonks” the seagull said sternly. “We’ve got a job for you.”

About the book:

Sometimes all it takes is a little magic to find your voice…

Alice Tonks is eager to make friends at boarding school, but she’s always found it hard to fit in. Then she discovers she is a switcher and can talk to animals. After a rather strange encounter with a seagull, Alice Tonks is left with a lot of questions.

Why does the bird need her help? And WHY can she talk to seagulls?

As she starts to explore her newfound abilities, to her horror she learns that creatures are going missing. Only Alice holds the key to solving the mystery, but she’ll need to harness her full powers first. And to do that she’ll need a bit of help from her new friends – animal and human alike.

With new friends behind her, can Alice harness her magic powers and become the hero she never imagined?

Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks hidden by book fairies - beach at Brighton
”The tide was on its way in, the white crested wave rushing to meet her”

Emily Kenny becomes a Book Fairy for a Day!

Our book fairies were delighted to welcome author Emily Kenny as a book fairy, signing and hiding copies of her own book! We had a wonderful time finding great spots for hiding books…

Thank you Emily for joining in the fun and magic!

Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks hidden by book fairies - Emily Kenney as Book Fairy for a Day
“Pushing her way through the undergrowth, Alice wriggled through the hole, the smell of earth and dry leaves licking her nostrils and making her cough.”
“Time to be brave, she told herself. She was going to find her seagull.”

Not lucky enough to find a copy?

Do not worry – this wonderful middle-grade read is available in all good book shops! You can also support independent book shops by getting your copy from Bookshop.org!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

We would love for you to join us! Please get started by ordering your official book fairy stickers and starting to think about which books you’d like to hide first 🙂

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