Peter Pan hidden by book fairies on J M Barrie's birthday - tree

The Book Fairies celebrate J. M. Barrie’s birthday with copies of Peter Pan!

“I do believe in fairies… I do! I do!”

The Book Fairies have been celebrating J. M. Barrie’s birthday one day early by sharing different editions of Peter Pan all over the UK! Who will spot this magical book today?

About the book:

The magical Peter Pan comes to the night nursery of the Darling children, Wendy, John and Michael. He teaches them to fly, then takes them through the sky to Never-Never Land, where they find wolves, Mermaids and… Pirates.

The leader of the pirates is the sinister Captain Hook. His hand was bitten off by a crocodile, who, as Captain Hook explains ‘liked me arm so much that he has followed me ever since, licking his lips for the rest of me’. After lots of adventures, the story reaches its exciting climax as Peter, Wendy and the children do battle with Captain Hook and his band.

Lucky finders

We love nothing more than to hear from happy finders – and with a special book such as this one it’s even more exciting!

Not lucky enough to find one?

Do not worry! You can find these wonderful Wordsworth editions at all good bookshops as well as here on Hive Books.

Would you like to be a book fairy?

We’d love for you to join us! You only need get yourself some official book fairy stickers to get started! Then, just pop a sticker on the front of any book you’d like to share, and hide it in your neighbourhood, or where you work, or travel!

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