The Book Fairies celebrate the launch of WBE Creative with first book The Manager!

“There were books scattered everywhere.”

The Book Fairies are so excited to be working with a brand new independent publisher to celebrate their first title – The Manager! Book fairies around the UK have been busy hiding copies today, which is publication day 🙂

About the book:

In the City of London, the scent of money and power lingers in the corridors of the shiny office buildings and clings to the suits of the men who work in them. Chasing that scent is the only thing that matters.

But not to Katy Daly. She has spent her life working in the City, but wealth and power are things granted to other people. Her childhood was shattered by the pursuit of them, and since then she’s coasted along on a course of risk-avoidance and underachieving.

Then Katy starts working for Riley Daniels, the beautiful and charismatic CEO of Byrsa, one of the most successful yet secretive tech companies in the world. Katy can’t help but be fascinated by this clever, fiercely ambitious woman making it in a man’s world. Riley has a way of making her wonder if there could be more to life than letting other people shape your destiny.

But power comes at a cost. As Katy is drawn deeper into Riley’s intoxicating world, she is forced to confront who she is, who she has become, and how far she will go to protect Riley’s secrets – and her own.

About WBE Creative as publishers

“Words are the world’s most powerful currency. We’re a small independent publisher and we take pride in doing things differently. We want to make a difference and set an example of how a modern publishing business can run. We are champions of authors’ rights and believe in the value of art and creativity. We strive to work with other small businesses and independent suppliers to make sure our supply chain is as transparent, fair and sustainable as possible.”

Happy finders!

We love nothing more than to hear from happy finders of the books we leave behind. Here are some of the pics and messages we received from today! Not lucky enough to find one? Grab your copy here from to support indie bookshops around the UK!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can be a book fairy! Simply order some official stickers and pop them on the front of the books you want to hide!

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