The i-SPY Book Fairies are back to hide little gems about Nature!

Can you spy some exciting things in the wild? You might just earn BIG POINTS!

The i-SPY Book Fairies are BACK! This time we are celebrating nature and making a game out of finding those little details that children might not otherwise spot 👀

“Can you spy a cotton wool cloud? It suggests fair weather to come – 5 points!”

– i-SPY Nature

About the book:

Beat the boredom and take time out from screens with this pocket-sized book packed with facts, photos and fantastic spots for hours of fun!

Kids will have fun collecting points outdoors with more than 140 things to find. From buttercups to sycamore trees, ladybirds to pine martins, they’ll learn all about their surrounding natural world. And once they’ve scored 1000 points, super-spotters can claim their official i-SPY certificate and badge.

With more than 30 i-SPY books to collect, there’s something for everyone!

“Can you spy an elder tree? You’ll probably smell it first! 15 points!”

– i-SPY Nature

Not lucky enough to find a copy?

Do not worry! These wonderful little books are easily found in a good book shop. If you’d rather get yours delivered, you can still support bookshops by ordering yours on!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone, anywhere can be a book fairy! All you need are some official book fairy stickers and some books you want to share!

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