i-SPY Book Fairies - my first farm

The Book Fairies launch the ‘My First i-SPY Books’ into the wild!

The i-SPY Book Fairies are back – this time to launch the ‘My First i-SPY’ collection of amazing new sticker books for kids age 3+!

These special books not only encourage children to spot fun things in the great outdoors, they are also rewarded with stickers! Book fairies hid a selection of ‘My First’ books today, including ‘Farms’, ‘Minibeasts’, ‘Things That Go’ and ‘Wildlife’!

About the books:

Get little ones started on their very own spotting adventure with My First i-SPY sticker books! With more than 100 things to spot – from spiders to worms, butterflies to beetles, tractors to bicycles, children will love learning about the marvellous things that can be found in the UK.

Each colourful, interactive page there are points to collect, fun facts to keep young children entertained, plus stickers to add to each spot. At the end of the book, send off for your super-spotter progress poster!

Happy happy finder!

We love hearing from finders and this is such a great pic!

Not lucky enough to find one?

Do not worry! These adorable activity books can be found at all good bookshops. You can also order online and still support independent UK shops if you choose Bookshop.org.

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join in! Just grab some official book fairy stickers and get started hiding books!

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