The Book Fairies share copies of London in Black by Jack Lutz around the UK capital!

The Book Fairies of London have been following the plot of London in Black by Jack Lutz!

Will you be pulled into this tense thriller? Book fairies around London followed the plot and found perfect spots at which to leave copies of this dystopian read…

“Lucy, they found a human foot.”

– London in Black

About the book:


LONDON 2027.
Terrorists deploy London Black, a highly sophisticated nerve gas, at Waterloo Station. For ten percent of the population – the ‘Vulnerables’ – exposure means near-certain death. Only a lucky few survive.

LONDON 2029.
Copy-cat strikes plague the city, its Vulnerable inhabitants kept safe by regular Boost injections. As the anniversary of the first attacks draws near, DI Lucy Stone, a guilt-ridden Vulnerable herself, is called to investigate the gruesome murder of a scientist. Her investigation soon unearths the possibility that he was working on an antidote – one that Lucy desperately needs, as her Boosts become less and less effective.

But is the antidote real? And can Lucy solve the case before her Boosts stop working?

‘The Book Fairies’ event was truly a massive highlight of the London in Black launch — I loved it!’

– Jack Lutz, author of London in Black

“Her left thumb crept to her tattoo. Please let it be. It has to be. Has to. Antidote. A is for Antidote.”

– London in Black

Not lucky enough to find a copy?

Don’t worry! This book is available in all good bookshops! You can even ask them to order it in. If you’d prefer to order online, you can still support indie bookshops if you order your copy of London in Black from

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join in, wherever you are in the world! Just order your official stickers to get started – each order comes with a book fairy guide.

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