Green Book Fairies Day 1: Food Scraps!

The Green Book Fairies are back! We will be sharing tips and recommendations all July long for reducing waste and going green!

Food waste is a big concern with an estimated 125 to 160 billion pound of food going to waste each year in America, especially when around 12% of American families are food insecure – and with the rise in food prices this year that number may now be higher.

When food waste goes to landfills it creates a large amount of methane, which is about 25 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. It’s also very difficult for organic waste to break down in a low-oxygen environment.

For these reasons we thought we would kick off Plastic Free July discussing food!

There are a few options you can do at home to make some of your produce go further, so today we are talking about regrowing from your food scraps! Most people have seen green onions being regrown, but did you know there are many veg you can do this with?

Let us know in the comments what veggies you have regrown or would like to try.

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