The Asparagus Bunch by Jessica Scott-Whyte published by Welbeck hidden by book fairies

The Asparagus Bunch by Jessica Scott-Whyte is hidden around the UK thanks to book fairies!

“My story is anything but straightforward and starts right here…”

The Book Fairies have been spending this sunny Saturday sharing copies of The Asparagus Bunch by Jessica Scott-Whyte! What an eye-catching cover… we know the lucky finders will be thrilled!

About the book:

Having been kicked out of six different schools, Leon is labelled as having an attitude problem by almost everyone he comes into contact with. Dr Snot (yes, his real name!) gives it a different label and diagnoses Leon as autistic. Leon doesn’t care for either label, in the same way that he doesn’t care for Tim Burton, supermarket trolleys, train fanatics or Bounty bars. How he manages to navigate school woes and family drama – and astonishingly ends up with not one but two friends – is nothing short of a miracle, or maybe just simply down to being different.

Happy book finders

We love nothing more than to hear from people who find books we leave behind! Today was no exception – here are some of our favourite messages from our The Asparagus Bunch campaign.

Not lucky enough to find a copy?

This wonderful book is now available in all good book shops! If it’s not in stock, you can ask them to order a copy in for you. If you’d rather order online, you can still support independent bookshops by ordering your copy of The Asparagus Bunch from!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join us! All you need to do is order some official book fairy stickers and get hiding books…

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