Book Fairies share Trixie Pickle Art Avenger by Olaf Falafel

Trixie Pickle: Art Avenger by Olaf Falafel takes a trip with The Book Fairies

Book fairies headed to arty locations today to share this gem!

“Right, in the next few chapters I’m going to tell you all about why I no longer think art is boring and I’ll also fill you in on the secret double life that I now lead.”

– Trixie Pickle: Art Avenger by Olaf Falafel

The Book Fairies have been finding arty locations at which to leave copies of Trixie Pickle Art Avenger! Who will be lucky enough to spot this eye-catching read?

About the book:

A hilarious and highly illustrated adventure for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates featuring Trixie Pickle, who hates bullies and takes them down using art

Trixie loves art and hates bullies – and so decides to become an Art Avenger, righting wrongs at her school through art.

She uses Picasso, Pollock and Ofili to teach bullies a lesson, get out of lessons and help those in need, like an arty Robin Hood.

Highly illustrated throughout by Olaf Falafel, winner of the FUNNIEST JOKE at the Edinburgh Fringe. Full of fact files of hilarious and irreverent details about real artists, Trixie Pickle is perfect for fans of Wimpy Kid, Konnie Huq, Sam Copeland and Liz Pichon.

Lucky finders!

We love nothing more than to hear from excited finders of the books we leave behind! Here are some of those who got in touch about Olaf’s wonderful book.

Not lucky enough to spot one?

Do not worry! This arty book is available in all good bookshops – and if it’s not there, did you know that the bookseller can order it in for you? If you’d rather have your copy delivered, you can still support bookshops by ordering your copy of Trixie Pickle from!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Everyone is invited to join and share some magic! All you need to do is order some official book fairy stickers and start sharing some of your fave books 🙂

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