Rosie Jones becomes a book fairy to hide copies of her Edie Eckhart books

Comedian and Author Rosie Jones becomes a book fairy for a day with her new novel!

Edie Eckhart has returned in a new adventure – The Big Trip – and Rosie is here to magically share copies…

The Book Fairies are delighted to welcome the amazing Rosie Jones today to celebrate the release of her new Edie Eckhart story – The Big Trip!

Rosie has been finding great spots around a beautiful woodland in North London at which to hide bundles of both book one and two! Finders can read both of Edie’s adventures and pass on the joy to the next reader, too.

About the new book – The Big Trip!

Hello! My name is Edie Eckhart and I’m eleven years old. I’m a little bit different. I have a disability called cerebral palsy, so I talk slowly and fall over a lot. It’s never really bothered me because I’ve never known anything else.

Edie Eckhart is getting used to life at secondary school. It’s going well so far – she’s found a brand new friendship group and has the best form tutor EVER.

But then the school organises a camping trip…. complete with muddy walks and team games. It is a DISASTER. The only fun bit is sitting by the fire and telling stories.

On top of that Edie is trying to figure out where she fits in: do you have to define all friendships? And can you be a writer AND a performer, or do you have to choose between the two?

Luckily Edie decides to take back control of the school trip… and in so doing, she discovers that you never have to define yourself. You are AMAZING just the way you are!

About Rosie Jones:

What can I say about me? I’m a comedian, writer, actor, and pretty much anything else you fancy paying me for…apart from that!

If you recognise my face, it might be because I’ve been on a few TV shows, including 8 Out Of 10 Cats, 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, The Last Leg and Comedy Central’s Roast Battle (Where I whooped Alex Brooker’s ass BIG TIME).

Sometimes I pretend that I am a serious actor, and last year I made my primetime debut as Serena in a Silent Witness two-part special.

I also love writing stuff, and I have a couple of sitcoms in development, so watch this space! I have also written on the second series of Sex Education, which will be coming out on Netflix in the New Year.

I am currently writing my second hour stand-up show, which will be on at the Edinburgh Festival this summer, so if you’re up there, please come and say hello! And if not, I regularly gig up and down the country, so look me up and see when I’m visiting your area, so to speak.

Not lucky enough to spot a copy?

Do not worry! These wonderful books are now OUT in bookshops, so you can grab yours now! If you’d rather order online, you can still support independent bookshops by choosing Here are the links for both Edie Eckhart books!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join in and be a book fairy! We would love for you to join us. All you need is your official book fairy stickers and a pile of books you’d like to share! Each new order comes with a free book fairy guide to help you get started 🙂

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