Ripple Grove is shared by book fairies all around the states!

“That evening the fairies gathered around the old oak tree to celebrate…”

The Book Fairies around the United States have been sharing a great book today! Who was lucky enough to spot a copy of Ripple Grove, all about FAIRIES, on their travels today?

About the book:

“Dad, are fairies real?” Stella asks.

“I believe they are!” says Dad.

Come along on a magical walk through the woods with Stella and her dad as the fairies of Ripple Grove defend their home from thieving invaders.

Will the Trelfs destroy the magic crystals? Will Moomjean and her friends save the day?

Do you believe?

Were you lucky enough to find one?

We love hearing from book finders so please reach out if you did! Here is one of the pics we have permission to share from our mini finders today – this one is from a park in Nevada!

Still looking for the book?

This wonderful little book is now available in all good bookstores. If you cannot get down to one, you can also support indies by choosing to order Ripple Grove through!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join in! All you need is a pile of books you want to share and some official book fairy stickers.

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