Book Fairy Story: Kirsty!

Here is a magical story from a finder of a book…

September 2022 and an impromptu getaway to Eastbourne saw me and my boyfriend taking a gorgeous stroll along the South Downs way. I remember we got very sunburnt that day.

We were just past Beachy Head when I stopped to read a sign, about some wildlife or something – I’m that person that always stops to read signs. And, what did I find? A book from The Book Fairies!

The book that Kirsty found was The Idiot Brain by Dean Burnett!

I was next-level excited, not only about the book but that a lovely little group like this existed.

I couldn’t wait to read my book, and to become a Book Fairy myself. 

I’ve loved books since I was little. 

My Grandparents used to take me to the library every Saturday morning since I can remember. I’d leave with a new book, but I’d also sit in the library and read one while we were there too. I loved Nancy Drew mysteries, I read every single one. And then I graduated to classics like Black Beauty and Heidi. I just loved reading.

But then life, phones, screens got in the way and I found I just wasn’t reading anymore. Honestly, I bet I wasn’t getting through a book a year. Plus I was always going for the same theme and genre. I’d lost my love of reading.

That all changed when I got a visit from The Book Fairies.

The Idiot Brain was a book I’d never have chosen off the shelf. Totally not my thing. But I couldn’t put it down. It made me think of all the amazing stories I’d missed out on by only ever really reading the same type of book.

I went down to the charity shop and bought bags of books – all the classics that I hadn’t read. The Nick Hornbys, the Sally Rooneys, the Zadie Smiths.

More real life stuff, like The Prison Doctor, that I’m convinced makes you smarter, wiser and more humble. I read lots of non-fiction now too.

I started churning through the books at one or two a week, I was lost in reading again and it felt so good.

Now I’m so excited to finish a book, not only so I can start a new one, but so that I can gift it to the next person. I love thinking about the little notes I want to write inside (apologising for being too gory, or a bit rude, or that the book was about to make them cry). And I get giddy about where I’ll leave them – hoping that the next person will become a Book Fairy too.

My visit from The Book Fairies has reignited my love for books – reading them, holding them, putting them on my shelves, and gifting them for others to enjoy.

You just cannot beat a good book.

Thanks Book Fairies.

Love Kirsty

Has Kirsty inspired you to become a book fairy?

Kirsty found some stickers hidden inside the book she stumbled upon, and after that she ordered her own official book fairy stickers to get started! Here are some other goodies in the book fairy shop:

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