Book Fairies share copies of Secret Beast Club by Robin Birch at the entrance to Haggerston Park Hackney

Secret Beast Club: The Unicorns of Silver Street – hidden by book fairies in Hackney!

“Let’s head to London – I sense a Bewilder Bubble disturbance in Hackney…”

The Book Fairies of London have been sharing copies of a Top Secret new book today… so secret that you’d need special magic sight to spot it… it’s time to find Secret Beast Club: The Unicorns of Silver Street!

These fairies shared copies all around Hackney and Tower Hamlets, including both Hackney and Spitalfields City Farms, Brick Lane, Columbia Flower Market and more!

About the book:

Aisha and Jayden are definitely not fans of Outside.

Aisha would rather be home playing on her tablet or messaging her friends.

Jayden thinks the worlds inside his books are much more exciting than the real one beyond his window.

But when they are asked to join the Secret Beast Club, a centuries-old secret group that protects mythological creatures, Aisha and Jayden discover that real magic could be closer than they think . . . you just have to know where to look . . .

Inspired by the real life story of Pablo Fanque – the first Black circus owner – and featuring fun facts about the magical creatures within each story, this exciting new series for 6+ readers is not to be missed!

This is the first book in a BRILLIANT new series brimming with adventure, friendship and an amazing array of magical creatures!

Get your hands on a copy!

This book is out on Thursday 16th February and available in all good bookshops!

You can also find a copy of Secret Beast Club: The Unicorns of Silver Street at – and still support independent bookshops that way!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

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