The House With The Golden Door is taken to Pompei by The Book Fairies!

“Take me to Pompeii where love is sweet…”

The Book Fairies have been celebrating the paperback release of The House With The Golden Door by Elodie Harper! Copies of this novel and also the first book, The Wolf Den, were hidden all around the UK – see #TBFWolfGold to see where… Some fairies even took the train 🚂 to visit the sites where the story is set in Italy!

About The House with the Golden Door:

The life of a courtesan in Pompeii is glittering, yet precarious… Amara has escaped her life as a slave in the town’s most notorious brothel, but now her existence depends on the affections of her patron: a man she might not know as well as she once thought. At night she dreams of the wolf den, still haunted by her past. Amara longs for the women she was forced to leave behind and worse, finds herself pursued by the man who once owned her. In order to be free, she will need to be as ruthless as he is. Amara knows her existence in Pompeii is subject to Venus, the goddess of love. Yet finding love may prove to be the most dangerous act of all. We return to Pompeii for the second instalment in Elodie Harper’s Wolf Den Trilogy, set in the town’s Lupanar and reimagining the lives of women long overlooked.

About The Wolf Den:

Sold by her mother. Enslaved in Pompeii’s brothel. Determined to survive. Her name is Amara. Welcome to the Wolf Den…

Amara was once a beloved daughter, until her father’s death plunged her family into penury. Now she is a slave in Pompeii’s infamous brothel, owned by a man she despises. Sharp, clever and resourceful, Amara is forced to hide her talents. For as a she-wolf, her only value lies in the desire she can stir in others.

But Amara’s spirit is far from broken.

By day, she walks the streets with her fellow she-wolves, finding comfort in the laughter and dreams they share. For the streets of Pompeii are alive with opportunity. Out here, even the lowest slave can secure a reversal in fortune. Amara has learnt that everything in this city has its price. But how much is her freedom going to cost her?

Set in Pompeii’s lupanar, The Wolf Den reimagines the lives of women who have long been overlooked.

Not lucky enough to find a copy?

Do not worry! Both The Wolf Den and The House with the Golden Door are available in all good book shops, and the third book in Elodie Harper’s series The Temple of Fortuna comes out later this year! You can also support bookshops by ordering your copies online:

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join us, anywhere in the world! Simply order your first set of official stickers to get started.

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