Can You Get Rainbows in Space? The Book Fairies want to find out!

“Did you know? An atmosphere is a layer of gas that surrounds a planet…”

The Book Fairies are jumping into British Science Week by sharing copies of Can You Get Rainbows In Space? We know that lucky finders will feel inspired by this gem of a book!

About the book:

Why is blood red? Why are carrots orange? Who invented the lightbulb? Why is the world ‘going green’? Is the sky really blue? And what is ultraviolet light?

You’ll discover the answers to these questions – and many more – in this incredible collection of scientific facts about colour. We’ll talk about light (the most important thing) and waves (not the kind you see at the beach – though you will learn why the sea looks blue!). You’ll find out how some animals are able to glow in the dark and how others change their colours to hide from predators. Keep reading to discover why leaves change colour in the autumn, why your veins look blue but your blood is red, and why the language we use shapes the colours we see . . .

And you’ll learn exactly how to make a rainbow – in space.

Some fairies made it to space centres in Liverpool and London!

Happy finders of the books!

We love nothing more than to hear from those who find the treats we leave behind! Here are our favourites from today.

Not lucky enough to spot a book?

Do not worry – this wonderful book is OUT 23RD MARCH in all good bookshops, and you can also order online and STILL support great bookshops if you choose to order your copy of Can You Get Rainbows In Space? from!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join in! Just order your stickers from the book fairy shop to get started…

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