Copies of the book Emerald and the Ocean Parade placed in coastal locations around the UK by book fairies

Emerald and the Ocean Parade makes its way to beautiful places in the UK!

“Emerald is learning about being a mermaid princess – but she’s doing it HER way…”

The Book Fairies are sharing copies of Emerald and the Ocean Parade by Harriet Muncaster today! Who will be lucky enough to spot one and dive right into this magical underwater kingdom?

About the book:

From the creator of Isadora Moon comes an enchanting new series set in the same world focusing on Emerald, a reluctant mermaid princess who must learn to do things her own way…

Beautifully illustrated in two colour, this new series from the world of Isadora Moon introduces Isadora’s mermaid friend, Emerald! Emerald is learning how to be a mermaid princess, but she doesn’t feel like one at all. She’s not very good at waving to crowds and royal headdresses just aren’t her thing – her hair is too spiky and wild.

Emerald’s wriggly pet octopus, Inkibelle, doesn’t much like living at the royal palace either. The annual Ocean Parade is coming up. Will Emerald be brave enough to be a mermaid princess but do it her own, special way? Beautiful gift edition packed with extra activities and things to make and do.

Lucky finders of Emerald and the Ocean Parade!

We love hearing from happy finders – and today we love these two messages especially 🙂

Not lucky enough to find one?

Do not worry! This beautiful little book is available NOW in all good bookshops. You can even ask for them to order you in a copy! If you’d rather order online, you can still support independent shops by choosing to order your copy of Emerald and the Ocean Parade from

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join in! Just order your stickers from the website to get started.

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