What The World Doesn’t See… is that book fairies shared Mel Darbon’s novel!

“I’m going home. To my house. I can run fast. I can run down the road. You can’t catch me!”

The Book Fairies have been on a journey today with characters Maudie and Jake… who was lucky enough to spot a copy of What The World Doesn’t See?

Book fairies travelled on coaches just like the characters in Mel Darbon’s story and even made it as far as CORNWALL!

About the book:

Maudie and Jake’s family is falling to pieces – their mum’s been struggling with her grief since they lost Dad and one night she vanishes. When Jake is put into care, Maudie can’t take it any more. She comes up with a wild plan to pull their family back together – by kidnapping Jake.

On the run in Cornwall, Jake and Maudie each find something they hadn’t expected – freedom and love. But can they find Mum and a way to heal together? A powerful and insightful novel about grief, disability and first love; a story about getting lost and finding yourself.

Lucky finders!

We love nothing more than hearing from the happy finders who spot the treats we leave behind. Today we had some real gems! Here are some of our favourite pictures and messages that came through after people found What The World Doesn’t See.

Not lucky enough to spot one?

Do not worry! This wonderful book is OUT NOW in all good bookshops. If you cannot get out to a shop, did you know you can buy online and STILL support independent bookshops? Well, Bookshop.org is fab. Click here to order your copy of What The World Doesn’t See!

Would you like to join The Book Fairies?

If this activity has made you want to BE a book fairy – well good news, YOU CAN! Anyone can join us. Just order your first set of official stickers and go from there..!

One thought on “What The World Doesn’t See… is that book fairies shared Mel Darbon’s novel!

  1. Mel Darbon says:

    The Book Fairies did an incredible job of promoting my book, flying all over the country and leaving it in special places for people to find and read. Their passion, enthusiasm and care was extraordinary, as well as their personal commitment to doing the best job they possibly could. I couldn’t be more grateful for their support and will never forget the magic of this day. My thanks to each and every book fairy for making this author very happy!

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