Where The River Takes Us – shared at places poignant to the Welsh storyline

“It’s surprising how many people in a small town will believe there’s a wild cat on the loose…”

The Book Fairies have been celebrating the release of Where The River Takes Us by Lesley Parr! We found perfect places to match the story, even including specific locations where the story takes place… Lucky finders are in for an absolute treat!

Book fairies in Wales headed to sites of mines and statues in celebration of miners to leave their copies there.

About the book:

It’s February 1974 and working class families have been hit hard by the three-day week. The reduced power usage means less hours for people to work, and less money to get by on. Thirteen-year-old Jason feels the struggle keenly. Ever since his parents died, it’s just been him and his older brother Richie. Richie is doing his best, but since he can’t make ends meet he’s been doing favours for the wrong people. Every day they fear they won’t have enough and will have to be separated.

One thing that helps distract Jason is the urban legend about a beast in the valleys. A wild cat that roams the forest, far up the river from their bridge. When Jason’s friends learn of a reward for proof of The Beast’s existence, they convince Jason this is the answer to his and Richie’s money problems. Richie can get himself out of trouble before it’s too late and the brothers can stay together.

And so a quest begins. Starting at the bridge of their village and following the river north, the four friends soon find themselves on a journey that will change each of them. Forever.

Not lucky enough to spot a copy?

Do not worry! This beautiful book is available NOW in all good bookshops. If you cannot get to one and would still like to support our indie bookshops then choose to order your copy of Where The River Takes Us from Bookshop.org!

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