Nowhere Thief by Alice Ross hidden by book fairies

Alice M. Ross becomes Book Fairy for a Day with her novel Nowhere Thief!

“She had to be more careful. Take smaller steps. Focus more on the colours in the kaleidoscope.”

The Book Fairies have been sharing copies of The Nowhere Thief today! We were lucky enough to be joined by author Alice M. Ross as a Book Fairy for a Day!

About the book:

A mind-bending multiverse adventure about theft, family, and finding your home.

Twelve-year-old Elsbeth has an extraordinary power: she can travel to parallel worlds and bring objects back with her. But as freak weather events become more frequent and a strange boy, Idris, starts to turn up everywhere she travels, she has to ask herself: does her gift come with a price?

Fans of Christopher Edge, Ross Welford and Jessica Townsend will love this fast-paced story and mind-blowing plot! Perfect for readers aged 9 and up.

Author Alice M. Ross becomes Book Fairy for a Day – Video:

The Book Fairies were delighted to be joined by Alice M. Ross, the author of Nowhere Thief! Alice helped us to hide copies all around London while fairies hid theirs across the UK.

Not lucky enough to find one?

This delightful book is available in ALL good bookshops RIGHT NOW! If you would rather order online, you can still support independent bookshops when you order your copy of Nowhere Thief from

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join in! All you need is a pile of books to hide and some book fairy stickers!

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