Forever Home by Graham Norton shared by book fairies

Forever Home by Graham Norton – hidden by book fairies!

“All at once everything made sense.”

The Book Fairies have been sharing copies of Forever Home by Graham Norton! Who will be lucky enough to spot this eye-catching cover?

About the book:

Carol is a divorced teacher living in a small town in Ireland, her only son now grown. A second chance at love brings her unexpected connection and belonging. The new relationship sparks local speculation: what does a woman like her see in a man like that? What happened to his wife who abandoned them all those years ago? But the gossip only serves to bring the couple closer.

When Declan becomes ill, things start to fall apart. His children are untrusting and cruel, and Carol is forced to leave their beloved home with its worn oak floors and elegant features and move back in with her parents.

Carol’s mother is determined to get to the bottom of things, she won’t see her daughter suffer in this way. It seems there are secrets in Declan’s past, strange rumours that were never confronted and suddenly the house they shared takes on a more sinister significance.

In his tense and darkly comic new novel Norton casts a light on the relationship between mothers and daughters, and truth and self-preservation with unnerving effect.

Book finders!

We love hearing from book finders and today we received many pictures and messages! Here are some of our favourites. If YOU have found a book, please tag us or add #ibelieveinbookfairies OR email with a pic!

Would you like a copy?

If you didn’t find one today, do not despair! This book is available in all good bookshops (and they can order one in for you if you ask nicely!). If you cannot get out and about and would prefer to order online, you can still support independent bookshops when you order your copy of Forever Home from!

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