The Rescue of Ravenwood – hidden for lucky finders!

“The point is, it’s a place people come back to. A place people fight for.”

The Book Fairies have been sharing copies of The Rescue of Ravenwood by Natasha Farrant around the UK today… Who was lucky enough to spot one?

About the book:

From the Costa Award winning author of Voyage of the Sparrowhawk comes an epic adventure with a call to arms: we must fight to save the most treasured things on our planet. Ravenwood. A place where things happen…

On the top of the hill, overlooking the sea, that’s where you’ll find a magical place…

To Bea and Raffy, Ravenwood is home. In its own way, the house rescued them, even if it did have a fallen-down tree taking up most of the kitchen. So the idea that it could be sold. Demolished even. Well, that’s unthinkable. Then again, it’s not like the children get a choice. But the truth is, we can all make our own choices, especially if we care enough…

A beautiful, soulful, exciting story about holding onto what’s precious, and guarding the extraordinary nature that surrounds us.

Lucky finder!

We love hearing from lucky finders, and here is a pic we were sent today! If YOU have found a book, please post a pic with #ibelieveinbookfairies or email to let us know 🙂

Not lucky enough to spot one?

We have great news – this book is out NOW and is in all good bookshops! If it’s not there, did you know that you can ask them to order it in? Your order normally comes into the shop the very next day! If you’d rather order online, you can still support independent bookshops by ordering Ravenwood from here.

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join us! Just grab your first set of official book fairy stickers to get started! We cannot wait to see which books you choose to hide…

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