Through the Fairy Door published by Magic Cat - hidden by book fairies in a tree

Through the Fairy Door is hidden, of course, by book fairies!

“Everything living is growing, says the fairy”

The Book Fairies have been sharing copies of Through the Fairy Door today! What a perfect book for us to hide.

About the book:

In a busy, noisy town, there is a girl called Willow. She sees the things that everyone is too distracted to notice… including a little bird, who leads her to a tiny door in an old tree. When she steps through the fairy door, she enters a magical Wild Wood, meeting tiny fairies who nourish the earth and turn the seasons.

With vibrant, luminous photographs, artist Lars van de Goor launched an ordinary child on an extraordinary journey to discover the joy of living in harmony with nature and rewild her own home.

Lars sadly passed away before he was able to hold a finished copy of this, his first children’s book. Lars devoted so much of his time to the majesty and wonder of trees, so we will be featuring some of our favourites and celebrating the beauty of this book by sharing it for people to find.

Lucky finders!

We are always delighted to hear from those who happily find the treats we leave behind.. and today we received so many great messages! Here are some of our favourites from today.

Not lucky enough to spot one today?

Do not worry! This wonderful little book is OUT NOW and in many good bookshops. If there isn’t one in your local bookshop, you can just ask them to order one in – the ISBN is 9781913520793.

If you cannot get to the shops, you can still support independent bookshops by ordering your copy of Through The Fairy Door here from 🙂

Would you like to be a book fairy?

If this activity has made YOU want to hide some books, then order your first set of official book fairy stickers to get started 🙂

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