The Art of Feeling Better by Matilda Heindow hidden by book fairies in Temple London

The Art of Feeling Better – a beautiful book shared by book fairies in the UK

“I like to imagine our brains as big forests with millions of little paths.”

The Book Fairies have been sharing copies of The Art of Feeling Better by Matilda Heindow at some very special happy places up and down the UK today…

Who was lucky enough to spot one?

About the book:

You deserve to feel better.

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay grounded through life’s challenges, and sometimes it can even be difficult to enjoy its high points.

In The Art of Feeling Better, Matilda Heindow, illustrator behind the much-loved Instagram @crazyheadcomics, takes us from her first therapy visit when she was struggling to the day she woke with joy in her heart again, to reveal the techniques, tools and ways of thinking that really helped.

Complete with over 50 original illustrations, Matilda shares personal stories and down-to-earth advice to help you with:

– How to turn that negative inner voice into a friend
– How to recognise the habits that put you on a downward spiral
– What to do with difficult feelings, so that you invite better ones in

Like a hand holding yours, this beautiful, comforting book will remind you, even in your darkest moments, to treat yourself like someone worth taking care of – because you are.

Would you like to get your hands on a copy?

It’s not too late! This wonderful book is in all good bookshops. If you’d rather order online, you can still support your local bookshop by ordering The Art of Feeling Better from!

Inspired to become a book fairy?

Anyone can join in! It’s so much fun. All you need is a pile of books you’d like to share and some official book fairy stickers!

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