Book Fairy for a Day Kimberly Whittam shares debut book Quiet Storm beside a pond

Book Fairy for a Day: Kimberly Whittam shares debut novel Quiet Storm in Manchester

“I allow my feet to take over and sprint, fighting the urge to look back. I only look forward.”

The Book Fairies have been celebrating the release of Quiet Storm by Kimberly Whittam today by hiding copies around the UK! The fairies found some great sporty places at which to leave them…

We were also lucky to be joined by debut author Kimberly in Manchester, who was happy to be a Book Fairy for a Day and share copies around the beautiful Alexandra Park.

About the book:

No matter how quiet it is, you’ve got a voice, Storm. You should use it to speak up for yourself.

Storm has never liked to stand out from the crowd, but ever since she started Year 7, her life has been full of people telling her she needs to speak up, make friends and be more like her popular big brother.

Then Storm breaks a school record, and finds herself the new star of the athletics team. But as she’s thrust into the spotlight, her home life and friendships start spiralling out of control, and it’s time for Quiet Storm to show that she has something to say.

A tender, empowering novel about family, friendship and finding confidence in who you are.

Book Fairy for a Day Kimberly Whittam shares debut book Quiet Storm in a Manchester park

Get your hands on a copy!

If you weren’t lucky enough to spot a copy hiding in a local sports field or park, do not worry – this wonderful book is available in ALL good bookshops right now! Prefer to shop online? You can still support your local indies if you order your copy of Quiet Storm from

Would you like to be a book fairy?

If you’d like to join in and hide some books around where you live and work, just order some stickers to get started. We cannot wait to see which books you hide! If you’re an author and would like to book in a campaign day for your book, please contact us here so we can start to plan some magic…

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