Nightspark by Michael Mann shared by book fairies at a knitted postbox

Nightspark by Michael Mann shared by book fairies around the UK!

“The city at night was strangely soothing – sleepy, subdued, but never still. He soaked it all in.”

The Book Fairies have been busy sharing copies of Nightspark by Michael Mann! We found some great places that are featured in the book itself…

Nightspark by Michael Mann shared by book fairies at Battersea Power Station

“It had been months since the ghosts had torn the roof off Battersea Power Station…”

About the book:

Having escaped from the half-bombed, blackened power station where he was being imprisoned, 12-year-old Luke is finally reunited with his family above ground. But though Luke tries to readjust, he can’t shake the guilt he feels for his friend Ravi, who was left behind, nor the feeling that someone – or something – is watching him from the shadows.

With the help of ghost-girl named Alma and his friend Jess, Luke must journey across the country and sea to find Ravi, the friend who was there for him in his darkest hours. And in doing so, he must face his past and confront his deepest fears…

A riveting, magical adventure set in the waterways of a richly reimagined England, and the epic conclusion of the Ghostcloud duology.

Happy finders!

We love hearing from people who find books that book fairies leave behind! Today we received so many messages and posts, so here are some of our favourites…

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