The Sanctuary by Emma Haughton hidden by book fairies on a log

The Sanctuary by Emma Haughton shared by book fairies in great locations!

“I take a deep breath, trying to calm my racing heart…”

The Book Fairies have been busy sharing copies of The Sanctuary by Emma Haughton today!

Who was lucky enough to spot one?

About the book:

Very few people get to stay here. And some don’t get to leave…

Zoey doesn’t remember anything about last night. But she knows something went badly wrong. For she is no longer in New York. She’s woken up in the desert, in a white building she doesn’t recognise, and she’s alone.

When she discovers she’s been admitted to The Sanctuary, a discreet, mysterious, isolated refuge from normal life, to avoid jail, she is stunned. She knows she has secrets, troubles, but she thought she had everything under control. But as she spends more time with other residents, she begins to open up about what she’s running from. Until she realises that not everyone in The Sanctuary has her best interests at heart, and someone might even be a killer…

Happy finders!

We love hearing from people who find books that book fairies leave! Today we received so many pictures and messages so here are some of our favourites.

Get your hands on a copy!

This great page turner is available NOW in all good bookshops. If you’d rather go online, you can still support indies if you order your copy of The Sanctuary from!

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