Author Jamie Littler as Book Fairy for a Day with novel Arkspire in central London

Book Fairy for a Day: Author Illustrator Jamie Littler shares copies of Arkspire!

“Witnessing the impossible happen right before your eyes was not something you ever forgot or ever got used to.”

Jamie Littler as Book Fairy for a Day with novel Arkspire

The Book Fairies have been joined by author and illustrator Jamie Littler himself as #BookFairyforaDay! We are sharing copies of Arkspire on the very week of its release! Will your hunt for this magical relic prove successful today?

Video: Jamie Littler as Book Fairy for a Day

“I had the BEST time being a Book Fairy for the day, hiding free copies of Arkspire around London (with many a suspicious sneak to be had).”

— Author Illustrator Jamie Littler

About the book:

Glorious, powerful, magic; a city of twists, turns and tricksters; extraordinary secrets which only one girl can uncover . . . welcome to the world of Arkspire.

Arkspire is a city obsessed by magic. The five Arcanists – a group of all-powerful magicians – have protected the great city for as long as anyone can remember. Within the hustle and bustle of these cobbled streets lives Juniper Bell, a thief who’d do anything for her family – even her unbelievably annoying sister, Elodie.

Then one night, something incredible happens. A mysterious stolen relic (nothing to do with Juni, ahem…) explodes, revealing a mysterious creature, Cinder – who appears to ‘bond’ with Juni. The only creatures like that are allegedly dangerous enemies of the Arcanists . . . and it’s not long before they turn their# attention to Juni.

Soon Juni, Cinder and everyone she loves are pulled into an extraordinary world of magic, power and prestige – but also grave danger. It seems the world Juni thought she knew is nothing but a lie – and now only Juniper and Cinder can bring it down.

A hilarious and astonishingly illustrated new fantasy series, from the bestselling author of Frostheart.

Happy finders!

We didn’t only hide books around London… the fairies were busy up and down the UK! We received so many wonderful pictures and messages from happy finders and here are some of our favourites.

Get your hands on a copy!

If you weren’t lucky enough to spot a book hidden by a book fairy today, it’s not too late to discover the world of ARKSPIRE! This wonderful first book in the series is available now at all good bookshops. If you’d rather order online, you can still support bookshops if you get your copy of Arkspire from! You can also find Jamie’s previous book series Frostheart.

Inspired to become a book fairy?

If this has made you want to be a book fairy and hide books where YOU live and work, then get involved! You can order your official book fairy stickers here and choose some books at home that you’d like to hide for a stranger to find… maybe add some ribbon and off you go!

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