Book Fairy for a Day: Debut Author Sweta Rana hides novel Queuing for the Queen in London!

“People of all ages, of all races, from all corners of the country, have congregated here.”

The Book Fairies are delighted to have been joined by the author Sweta Rana as #BookFairyForADay along the queue route in London 🇬🇧 We have been sharing copies of Queuing for the Queen to celebrate the release this week! Who will be lucky enough to spot one?

Book Fairy for a Day Video: Debut Author Sweta Rana

About the book:

A warm and uplifting novel about a British Indian mother and daughter and their journey across 24 hours queuing to see the Queen lying in state.

One queue. 250,000 people. Twenty-four life-changing hours.

A young boy wearing a cereal box crown, impatiently dragging his mother behind him. A friendly man in a khaki raincoat, talking about his beloved Leeds United to anyone who will listen. An elderly woman who has lived her life alongside the Queen, and is just hoping she’ll make it to the end of the queue to say goodbye. And among them, a British Indian mother and daughter, driven apart by their differences, embarking on a pilgrimage which neither of them yet know will change their lives forever.

Full of secrets and surprises, this uplifting novel celebrates not only the remarkable woman who defined an era and a country, but also the diverse and unique people she served for so long.

Happy finders!

We love hearing from people who spot the books we share. Today we received a bumper crop of pics!

Get your hands on a copy!

If you didn’t happen to find one of the books we hid around London and the rest of the UK, do not panic! This wonderful book is available to buy NOW at all good bookshops. If you cannot get to your local bookshop or would prefer to order online, you can still support independent shops by ordering your copy of Queuing for the Queen here from!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join in! We would love for you to start hiding books where you live. The first step is to get your hands on some book fairy stickers, then get a pile of books ready to hide!

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