Tom Percival childrens picture books hidden by book fairies - at a playground

Finn’s Little Fibs and other Tom Percival books hidden by Book Fairies…

“Finn was buzzing with excitement..”

The Book Fairies have been busy sharing treats by Tom Percival today! What beautiful, bright covers – they attracted a lot of attention!

The books we shared included:

  • Finn’s Little Fibs
  • Meesha Makes Friends
  • Ravi’s Roar
  • Tilda Tries Again
  • Milo’s Monster
  • Ruby’s Worry
  • Perfectly Norman

About Finn’s Little Fibs:

Finn has always loved going to stay with his grandma . . . until one day, he tells a little fib that gets out of control! A book about telling the truth, from the bestselling author of the Big Bright Feelings series.

Be open, be honest, be you! Big Bright Feelings for little people.

When Finn accidentally breaks his grandma’s precious clock, he tells a teeny tiny little lie – and blames it on his sister instead! Soon, Finn’s little fib is OUT OF CONTROL, and it’s getting in the way of everything! Can he find a way to tell the truth? This reassuring and humorous book is the perfect springboard for talking to children about the importance of honesty.

About the Big Bright Feelings series:

Tom Percival’s Big Bright Feelings series is the ideal starting point for discussions about mental and emotional health, positive self-image, building self-confidence and managing feelings. Every child’s bookshelf should contain his books.

Also available in the Big Bright Feelings series: Ruby’s Worry, Perfectly Norman, Ravi’s Roar, Meesha Makes Friends, Tilda Tries Again, Milo’s Monster.

Happy finders!

We love hearing from happy little finders when we have hidden some treats. Here are our favourites from today!

Get your hands on a book!

If you missed out on finding one of these little treats from today, you’ll be pleased to know they are available in all good bookshops! If you’d rather order online, use the links below to head to, the website that supports independent bookshops up and down the UK…

Would you like to be a book fairy?

If this activity has inspired YOU to become a book fairy, then please join in! Grab your first set of stickers or a starter kit and get ready to hide some books where you live and work and travel.

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