The author of Case Sensitive joins as Book Fairy for a Day in Camden!

“Ducking under the police tape strung across the towpath, they approached the boat and peered down at the body.”

This day was a love letter to Camden Town in London, as The Book Fairies were joined by author A.K. Turner in her new role as #BookFairyforaDay to share copies of her new #crime novel Case Sensitive! A chance for readers to return to or discover the character of mortician Cassie Raven as she embarks on her third case…

Some of the copies were SIGNED on the day, along with an exclusive skull stamp!

About the book:

When the dead are silent, she will be their voice…

Goth-girl mortuary technician Cassie Raven has seen thousands of dead bodies but when a drowned man knocks against the hull of her canalboat, it’s a bit too close to home.

Cassie is grappling with the loss of her ‘gift’ – her conviction that she could sense the last thoughts of the dead – and at first the mystery man with the golden-green eyes isn’t sharing his secrets.

But the case gets under her skin and when Cassie joins forces with Detective Phyllida Flyte, together they start to dredge up secrets from the past…

Yet someone is watching, someone who’s ready to kill to stop those secrets coming to the surface.

Happy finders!

We love hearing from people who find the books we leave behind. Here are a couple of the messages we received about Case Sensitive

Want to get your hands on a copy?

This book, as well as A. K. Turner’s other titles, is available to pick up or order in all good bookshops. If you’d rather order online, you can choose to support independent bookshops all around the UK!

Would you like to BE a book fairy?

Please join us! The more the merrier. Just order your first set of book fairy stickers here, and start thinking about which books you can spare from your bookshelves… or gather donations from friends and family!

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