Book Fairies share copies of The Flow by Amy-Jane Beer

“I rejoin the river, and here it’s quiet – limpid almost, with no sign of any turmoil upstream.”

The Book Fairies have been sharing copies of The Flow: Rivers, Water and Wildness by Amy-Jane Beer at some great spots around the UK today.

About the book:

A visit to the rapid where she lost a cherished friend unexpectedly reignites Amy-Jane Beer’s love of rivers setting her on a journey of natural, cultural and emotional discovery.

On New Year’s Day 2012, Amy-Jane Beer’s beloved friend Kate set out with a group of others to kayak the River Rawthey in Cumbria. Kate never came home, and her death left her devoted family and friends bereft and unmoored.

Returning to visit the Rawthey years later, Amy realises how much she misses the connection to the natural world she always felt when on or close to rivers, and so begins a new phase of exploration.

The Flow is a book about water, and, like water, it meanders, cascades and percolates through many lives, landscapes and stories. From West Country torrents to Levels and Fens, rocky Welsh canyons, the salmon highways of Scotland and the chalk rivers of the Yorkshire Wolds, Amy-Jane follows springs, streams and rivers to explore tributary themes of wildness and wonder, loss and healing, mythology and history, cyclicity and transformation.

Threading together places and voices from across Britain, The Flow is a profound, immersive exploration of our personal and ecological place in nature.

Get your hands on a copy of The Flow

If you weren’t lucky enough to spot a copy of The Flow hidden by book fairies, don’t worry! This beautiful book is available in all good bookshops. If you’d rather order online, did you know that you can still support independent bookshops through Click here to order The Flow by Amy-Jane Beer through

Would you like to be a book fairy?

If this activity has made you want to become a book fairy yourself, you can!! Anyone can join in, wherever they are based. All you need is your first set of book fairy stickers or a book fairy starter kit and a pile of books you want to share!

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