Hope by Niall Harbison a book to celebrate rescue animals, hidden by book fairies

“You’re no doubt an animal lover like me if you’ve picked up this book.”

The Book Fairies have been busy sharing copies of Hope – How Street Dogs Taught Me the Meaning of Life, by Niall Harbison! Who was lucky enough to spot one on their dog walk today?

About the book:

Most people think I save dogs, but really they saved me.

Niall Harbison is a dog hero based in Thailand. He spends his days feeding, caring for and rescuing the many street dogs he comes across. With every rescue there’s a story. Like the sweet gentle McMuffin who was found with many tumours and hours from death, only to be nursed back to health. She now lives with Niall and is a popular member of the pack. Then there is King Whacker – who escaped a vicious attack and is now ruling the nest living up to his name as the king of the all good dogs. And who could resist the puppy eyes of little Rodney, the beautiful dog with big paws who is melting millions of hearts around the world.

Originally from Dublin, Niall was the owner of a successful advertising company. After selling it, he moved to Thailand where his addictions – drugs and alcohol – almost got the better of him. One day he woke up in hospital, close to death, and realised that something had to change. And that was what spurred him on to start saving and helping street dogs. His aim is to help 10,000 street dogs.

This is his story.

Happy finders!

These dog walkers were delighted to stumble upon a copy of HOPE along their way! We hope they enjoy it and look forward to seeing where they leave it next…

Get your paws on a copy!

If you didn’t stumble upon one of the copies the fairies hid today, do not worry! This book is available NOW in all good bookshops (and if not, did you know you can request they order one for you?). If you’d rather order online and would still like to support bookshops, click here to order HOPE from Bookshop.org.

Join The Book Fairies:

If YOU would like to hide books where you live and work and travel, get involved! You can order some book fairy stickers, start thinking about which books you’d like to share, maybe gather up some ribbon for decorating, and get started!

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