Book Fairy for a Day: author Annabelle Sami shares her book Dreamweavers…

“That weird dream is still swirling in my head. What if those things were true?”

Watch out for the scary fairies! The not-so-scary Book Fairies have been sharing copies of DREAMWEAVERS today! We were even lucky enough to be joined by author Annabelle Sami herself!

About the book:

Meet the ultimate Dream Team!

When Tito becomes friends with the mysterious new girl at school, Neena, she introduces him to the world of Dreamweaving. Soon Tito and Neena are going on adventures every night – exploring dreams where quirky creatures called jinn roam. And when their classmates start acting strangely, they realize someone else is using Dreamweaving to cause chaos. Can Tito and Neena stop them before the dream world takes over the waking world?

The first book in a fun, fresh and exciting new series, for fans of Laura Ellen Anderson, Star Friends, Peanut Jones and Witch for a Week.

Get your hands on Dreamweavers!

Annabelle Sami’s book is available NOW in all good bookshops! If you would rather order online, you can find Dreamweavers here on, the website that supports independent booksellers.

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join in and be a book fairy! If you have a pile of books you’d like to share, just grab a starter kit or your first set of official book fairy stickers here! We’d love for you to join in.

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