Lost in Time… book fairies in the UK and in the states share copies of this new book!

“Slowly, the dinosaur opened its mouth, revealing jagged teeth that were razor sharp.”

The Book Fairies have been sharing copies of Lost in Time by A.G. Riddle today in the UK and the states! The dinosaurs are migrating…

Who will be lucky enough to spot one hiding in the wild?

“Sam glanced around the cemetery. What was happening here?”

“They go into the Absolom chamber, and in a flash, they are gone from this world, sent back in time, hundreds of millions of years in the past, to the age of the dinosaurs.”

“You’re the only ones who could have committed the crime.”

About the book:

When his daughter is falsely accused of murder, a scientist must travel 200 million years into the past to save her. But there are secrets waiting there. And more than her life is at stake.

From the worldwide bestselling author of Departure and Winter World comes a standalone novel with a twist you’ll never see coming.

Control the Past. Save the Future.

One morning, Dr. Sam Anderson wakes up to discover that the woman he loves has been murdered. For Sam, the horror is only beginning. He and his daughter are accused of the crime.

The evidence is ironclad. They will be convicted. And so, Sam does what he must: he confesses to the crime. But in the future, murderers aren’t sent to prison. They’re sent to the past.

Two hundred million years into the past—to the age of the dinosaurs—to live out their lives alone, in exile from the human race. Sam accepts his fate. But his daughter doesn’t.

Adeline Anderson has already lost her mother to a deadly and unfair disease. She can’t bear to lose her father. She sets out on a quest to prove him innocent. And get him back. People around her insist that both are impossible tasks. But Adeline doesn’t give up. She only works harder. She soon learns that impossible tasks are her specialty. And that she is made of tougher stuff that she ever imagined.

As she peels back the layers of the mystery that ripped her father from this world, Adeline finds more questions than answers. Everyone around her is hiding a secret. But which ones are connected to the murder that exiled her father? That mystery stretches across the past, present, and future–and leads to a revelation that will change everything.

A very special ‘book found’ story!

We were lucky to hear from PLENTY of happy finders of Lost in Time on both sides of the pond, but this one is something extra special. Here is the pic and the story behind it.

“The coolest thing ever happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I found a book from the book fairy!!! 🥹 You actually can’t make this up. Cutest thing ever.

I went a wee roadtrip to Edinburgh to visit The Colinton Tunnel. It is a beautiful place to visit, the artwork/mural is gorgeous and covers the full length of the tunnel which is quite long!!

Just as we entered the tunnel, my girlfriend noticed this book which had been carefully placed at the side of the wall. I was already having a lovely day, but finding this book made it 10x better & I felt so happy and lucky to have found it!

It all worked out perfectly as it was my turn to pick the book we are reading for October book club, so I have chosen this! No spoilers or opinions for now, but I am about half way through reading this as we speak and I am very excited to share my thoughts.”

Other happy book finders!

Here are some pics and messages from a few of the other book finders we heard from.

Get your hands on a copy!

If you are intrigued by the sound of this amazing book, then you can get your own copy – it’s in bookshops right NOW in the UK and the US! If you’d rather order online you can still support independent bookshops when you choose Bookshop.org (UK) and Bookshop.org (US).

Get involved!

If this activity has made YOU want to share books where you live, then you absolutely can! Get your hands on some book fairy stickers here or a book fairy starter kit. The postage is FREE, wherever you live!

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