Nicola May as Book Fairy for a Day with A Holiday Romance in Ferry Lane Market at the thames in london

Author Nicola May as Book Fairy for a Day with new novel: A Holiday Romance at Ferry Lane Market

“Sabrina awoke to brilliant sunshine streaming through the shutters”

The Book Fairies were joined in London today by Nicola May to share copies of A Holiday Romance in Ferry Lane Market!

We have run author activity with Nicola before, too, with her previous fantastic novels!

About the book:

To escape a public scandal, a jilted actress journeys to Ferry Lane Market.

When soap actor Sabrina Swift loses her way due to a public scandal, she packs up her life, heads to Cornwall and finds herself running a gift shop in the quaint and quirky Ferry Lane Market.

Changing her looks and identity to keep her anonymity, the newcomer starts to make friends and enemies as she walks a frosty path in the established marketplace community.

And as rumours start circling that the outside market is going to be shut down, Sabrina is not only ensconced in an unexpected love triangle but is also faced with a difficult decision that could alter both her life and those of the inhabitants of Hartmouth forever.

Charming characters and a beautifully written setting make for a delightful and uplifting tale that explores themes of self-discovery, belonging and the importance of following your heart.

Happy finders

We love hearing from finders of the books we leave behind. These are a couple of our favourite pics!

This stall holder wanted a photograph with the author herself!

Get your hands on a copy!

If this festive romance sounds like the type of book YOU or a friend would like to cuddle up with (we’d recommend some hot chocolate to accompany it!) then you can get your hands on copies here.

Become a book fairy!

If this activity has made YOU want to become a book fairy, you can! Grab your first set of book fairy stickers here to get started.

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