My Own Worst Enemy is hidden by book fairies in famous theatres around the UK!

“Of course, everybody hates actors. But the people who hate actors the most are other actors.”

The Book Fairies have been busy sharing copies of My Own Worst Enemy by Lily Lindon in theatrical locations all around the UK!

Will you be lucky and spot one at a stage door near you?

About the book:

She’s her own worst enemy. So why does she only fall in love with people who look like her?

The new fun, fresh and laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from Lily Lindon. Who said opposites attract? For actor Emmy Clooney, sparks only fly when she meets women who look just like her: butch and athletic, with short messy hair.

It shouldn’t be a problem. Her friends say it’s normal to see yourself in the people you date. But Emmy isn’t so sure. Her lookalikes never seem to like her back.

Then Emmy meets Mae, a fellow actor who could be her twin, and she senses danger. Despite Emmy’s inevitable attraction to Mae, their personalities could not be further apart. They clash on everything. Even worse, they are the same casting type – and Mae keeps swiping all the best parts.

When they get cast in the same play, will Emmy find a way to overcome her insecurities and act nicely with Mae? Or is it time to take their rivalry to the next stage…

Happy finders!

We love hearing from those who find the books we leave behind – today we received SO many messages and pics, and here are our favourites…

Get your hands on a copy!

If you weren’t lucky enough to spot one at a theatre near you, you can still find Lily Lindon’s novel at all good bookshops! If you prefer to order your books online, you can still support indie booksellers by choosing to order your copy of My Own Worst Enemy from!

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